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Leonardo Da Vinci's Place In HVAC History

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Beating The Heat in 1502

It's always been hot. And people have always tried to figure out a way to keep cool. Some worked, some didn't. Some were considered silly and too crazy to work. Even when they were created by well known inventors like Leonardo Da Vinci. It is known that Leonardo Da Vince built water driven fan to ventilate a suite of rooms. But what about personal comfort, in your own home!

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome in the Middle Ages

Mechanical fans were invented in England, in the Middle Ages. They were created in an effort to cool down more than one person. At the time the only way to create wind was very labor intensive, hard, and cumbersome. Hand held fans were used. The did work, but the constant waving cause many injuries. There are some reports that up to 67% of the people who used them broke or fractured at least one bone in their wrist.

Enter The Maestro

The hand held fans weren't working very well. So 1502 Leonardo Da Vinci sat down and came up with a new way to produce wind. Having spent a lot of time on an invention he called "The Wind Creator" he had blueprints that he thought offered a solution. (I'm not sure, but I'll bet he created those drawings while working on his passion, how to fly.)

Well That's Just Silly

Being way ahead of his time, his drawings were criticized as nonsense. His invention was stuck on paper until the 1930's. Someone saw the blueprints and used it as a model for the mechanical fan. That same basic design is still in use today.  It's hard to improve on a Da Vinci!

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